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Fern Hill Montessori

"Jodie has a wonderful presence with all the children and has the skills to build an instant rapport with all children, putting them at ease with something which is potentially new and daunting. Her sessions are fun, exciting and current, she is wonderfully calm but also enthusiastic allowing even our shy and less confident children to thrive. I would recommend Jodie without hesitation."

Kate Porter

"My niece and nephew have had a weekly session at my house and love it. It's such a calming and relaxing activity for them to do and by doing it in an environment that is familiar to them makes it even more special. Jodie is amazing with the kids, you can definitely tell she's been a teacher!"

Kelly Cullinane

"Jodie is amazing with my nine year old daughter. She is teaching her to relax as she was struggling. She builds her confidence all the while providing a fun and varied class. I love seeing Libby practising her yoga positions! 10/10"

Lauren Perkins

"My nine year old daughter has been going to Jodie's classes and we love everything about them. Her gymnastics teacher said she has improved massively and we are sure this is to do with her yoga practise. The relaxation has also helped her immensely. I would recommend Jodie to anyone, she is fantastic with the kids and really knows her stuff. 5 stars!"

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