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"Yoga creates children who are bright lights in this world, increasing their self awareness and strengthening their bodies."- Shakta Khalsa

What is Kids Yoga?

Kids classes are fun and energetic but also have time for breathing practise and relaxation. Yoga helps children in so many ways, like it does us. They gain strength and flexibility, learn how to calm themselves and repair more easily from emotional adversity and develop their focus and concentration skills. Each class is adapted to the needs of the children.

MONDAYS 4:15- 5:00 pm

£6 and £5 for siblings

Book for each half term

What does a class entail?

Classes start with sun salutations and then we start our adventure! Sometime we will go on journeys to far off places, other times we centre around a theme or idea. We do static postures and lots of group and partner work to build trust, strength, teamwork and friendship. We play games and have lots of fun! We practise different breathing techniques using props or otherwise and then we enjoy a guided meditation using a magic yoga stone while a tibetan bowl to aid relaxation and stimulate the 'rest and digest' nervous system is rung on our bellies. We leave feeling energised yet calm.


Fridays 4:15- 5pm 3- 7 year olds

Farnborough Village Hall

£6 (£5 siblings) booked in half term blocks, term time only