I have always been into art, always loved creating pictures, often with watercolours and have done since young. However, i was always very self critical, never feeling myself quite ‘good enough’, good enough for what I’m not quite sure but my lack of self esteem and confidence really held me back. I started to get more into my artwork once I had children, maybe they bought out my inner child, inspired me creatively! It was then when I was on my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training where we had to meditate for 2 hours a day where images literally came to me. I often get lots of images when meditating, sometimes even a whole story but these were different, they were so clear I wanted to jump right up and start drawing. In fact I had neglected to bring any form of sketchbook with me and so I had to keep these pictures stored in my mind until my return. The first image was of a Wolf mandala; they were all mandalas but in the form of different animals or objects, mainly from nature. I had never drawn a mandala before but these felt like they belonged to me and literally flowed out of me. And the best thing about them is that they are a form of pure meditation for me, I completely disconnect from everything and am focussed only on pen to paper. And so it doesn’t matter if they are perfect or not, I am far less worried about what other people think of them, because they are what they are and they come, I think,  from a place of pure wonderment